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To Be Told Over Time

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I was in a car... well, it might well have been an SUV because there were at least 8 or 9 people in the vehicle... I only really saw maybe 4 or 5, but I knew the others were there. At first I felt I was in the front seat, sitting with whom ever was driving. We got to a stop light and I noticed it was windy. That's when my thoughts got out of control...
For just a second, not even a drawn out thought of possibilities, I wondered what would happen if it got so windy, that the light actually fell off the wire and onto the ground....
It started to get even more windy, the trees shaking more and more as if a tornado was coming. I watched as the stop light started to sway and bob rapidly until the entire thing looked like it was having a seizure. And then, snap. The entire thing broke off the wires that held it and was sent pummeling onto the middle of the intersection. There were no cars going through it at the time, but a piece broke off the bottom and was sent hurtling at the car. My friend (I call my sister) and I (she suddenly appeared in the seat next to me) curled up in opposite directions as the object broke through the windshield. I felt it gently pass by as it hit the back of my seat and land beside me. It had blood on it...
I sat up slowly, no real pain, but I heard screaming in the back. Everyone was confused and startled by the large hole in the windshield. I looked behind me and saw blood, but not what ran across the length of my back, from shoulder to opposite ribcage - a large deep bleeding gash. "There's blood" was the only thing I could say, my "sister" beside me trying to assess the damage. Another friend looked at it and backed away from me immediately, freaking out that there was blood. My only reply "I don't have Aid you ass". As I turned, the rest of the occupants in the car could see the wound across my back and all gasped, commenting that it looked terrible and I might not make it. I couldn't see the full extent, so I was rather calm about the situation, but their murmurs didn't help. "Thanks a lot jack asses..."
The man that was driving us commented that I would bleed out before an ambulance made it to us, so we might as well drive to the ER. There were objections, but we ended up going anyway.
I was suddenly placed in the middle column seats, the man and a strange woman now occupying the front seats. We rushed to the hospital, but on our way we saw a house. Seemingly normal at sight but, on the top floor window, water was gushing out of it as if the entire building were full of water and that was the only draining point. My mind raced to make sense of it. A swift thought- the roads must be flooding-
The car swerved, running off the side of the road because of my thoughts.
"Nathan!" the woman in the front seat yelled. I realized that everything was fine as the car started to sink into the lake. The roads were dry, the water out of the window didn't affect anything. But it was too late. The car had floated to the middle of the lake somehow and was sinking fast. The doors wouldn't open until the entire thing filled with water and the windows were closed and automatic. "I guess you're right, we should probably call an ambulance" the man driving said. Cellphones would probably be useless even if we got out of there. I looked at my sister beside me, wanting to tell her everything I was thinking. Wait till the last minute to hold your breath, wait for the car to completely submerge before trying to open the door. Stay calm, don't freak out, or you won't be able to hold your breath for long. We'll make it out of there.
But there wasn't time. The water reached the top of the car for us and we had to hold our breath. I could only get half a breath in, hardly enough to last me to open the door, crawl out, and then swim to the top.
I didn't even have time to think that the water would probably not only cloud the vision in the car, but cause me to bleed out much faster. No time to think that if we did make it out, none of our phones would work so we couldn't call 911. No time to think that if any of them died, it would be my fault because I couldn't speak my thoughts out fast enough.... No time to think that it was my thoughts that caused all these problems in the first place....
I woke up holding my breath...
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To feel like the past 2 years, bailiff year and Isolde year... I really felt like faire was the place for me... that that was the time I belonged, that I was born in the wrong era....

Now... I don't. I don't feel like part of the family at all, I feel like I've been treated like shit, like a small child that doesn't know shit....

I'm honestly starting to think I don't belong anymore...

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This is just for you Amanda. To let you know that I love you and that I did not block you from my friend's list! I just never post. (Tom (Yes, you merlin), make sure she sees this!)
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That is all...

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For those who believe in the paranormal and spirits...

If humans and animals can come back as spirits and ghosts to visit us...
Then why don't we ever hear about dinosaurs coming back to visit us?

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Instead of resorting to cutting I filled out job applications...
I've got an interview on Monday at 7 for Sears...
Now do I go in my "Doctor Who" suit, or just my everyday button down shirt thing...
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First all, i want to thank everyone for this year- and a special thank you to those who helped me out during hard times... (which was pretty much all of it)
I meant to post this before this weekend, but didn't have the time.
It's a picture of Yevion (who would have guessed) BUT
This picture:

was "rasterbated" (http://homokaasu.org/rasterbator/) and fit onto 9 sheets of paper so that it now hangs on my door like this:

I am quite pleased

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Alright, I have been having a pretty damned shitty month- and this made up for it ALL
Mostly the group one though!!

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excited My ribs hurt!
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